Application Knowledge Capture

Computer Aid Inc.'s (CAI's) Application Knowledge Capture (AKC) offering enables IT executives to leverage their existing staff flexibility while mitigating the risks caused by staff changes and insufficient documentation. Through a field-proven structured process, CAI gathers, formats, and distributes application knowledge using standard web technologies. This provides a strong foundation for the support for the environment.


Many of the applications that are critical assets for day-to-day business operation have been significantly modified over time, resulting in a complex support environment. This situation is further intensified when application documentation is out of date or key knowledge workers are not available for consultation.


Typically critical application knowledge is either unavailable or inconsistent and incomplete. In-depth knowledge of mission critical systems is retained by a few key resources. Reliance on key knowledge workers for support consultation also detracts from their ability to focus on strategic initiatives.


Application knowledge must be available to everyone in a reliable consistent format. Capturing and maintaining that knowledge improves support productivity and reduces the risk of losing the business critical application knowledge. Reliable and consistent application knowledge eliminates the business's reliance on a few resources and wasted time caused by a lack of application knowledge. The knowledge also provides a means for user application training. Most important, the technology portfolio investment is preserved.


The systematic capture and deployment of application knowledge is critical to business continuity. To ensure that all data is collected and converted into valuable information, CAI employs a four-phase field-proven process. This process focuses on data collecting from existing sources, program and object libraries, and interviews with key knowledge workers. Using a customized category structure, standard tools, web browser-based templates, and one-step publishing the application knowledge can be made available to the entire business organization.

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