Service Desk

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) believes that a strong, integrated Service Desk solution is a critical success factor in bringing real value to your customers. For most end-users, the Service Desk is the only point of interaction they may have with your often misunderstood and nearly always underappreciated IT organization.

With CAI as your Service Desk Partner, you can count on the following:

  • Extensive Service Desk Industry experience
  • Customer-Driven service delivery
  • Performance exceeding industry standards
  • Proven track record of seamless, efficient, and low risk transitions
  • Customized and innovation staffing and resource options
  • Shared or dedicated teams (onsite, off-site, offshore/ blended)
  • Fully collaborative environment to ensure the first-call resolution
  • Flexible, adaptable client/partner relationship
  • 24x7x365 facility with full off-site backup capabilities
  • ServiceNow implementation and administration services
  • Strong customer satisfaction


CAI established its innovation and technology center (ITC) in 2007 in response to clients' increased desire to find a partner who could deliver an expanded suite of onshore services from one location, at competitive pricing. CAI continues to utilize this center today to provide call center (BPO), service desk, software quality testing, and legacy application support to clients from many different industries. As a result of having so many different customers and skills in a single location, we are able to maximize the utilization of our staff across all services, resulting in higher quality and lower costs for our clients.


  • Customer Satisfaction - Strong emphasis on metrics, process, and personal management drive high levels of performance
  • Increased Effectiveness - CAI's methodology and ITIL and focused "best practices" guidelines provide a framework for maximizing efficiency and consistency of exceptional performance
  • Reduced Risk - Housing your Service Desk at an off-site, onshore location provides Disaster Recovery flexibility and eliminates political and economic instability
  • Reduced Costs - increased first contact resolution results in exponential savings across higher level support groups

Take it with you, download CAI's Service Desk Brochure!