Staff Augmentation

Permanently increasing your staff in order to address immediate requirements does not always make good business sense. Many times you need quality, cost effective information Technology (IT) professionals to meet spikes in business demand and bring in expertise on new technologies. Finding temporary staff with the right combination of technical skills, experience, and temperament all at a price that represents value can be a significant endeavor.


We get to know our clients. It is our job to understand the culture and success criteria for temporary professionals within your organization. We recognize it takes time and energy to transition in new contract staff and we want to ensure we fully screen and prepare our candidates for their assignments.


This refers to the process of filling open requirements by tracking the requirement, identifying and staging candidates, screening interviews and tests, and coordinating client interviews. Filling these open requirements allows our national recruiting staff to continue to manage an extensive candidate database and vendor network. It is our practice to hire your temporary resources as employees, thus securing added communication to both CAI and the client.


CAI's staff augmentation professionals continuously interface with our global delivery team for management, oversight, and career planning support. Our delivery managers work with our clients to confirm expectations are understood and met. Close attention is paid to efficient time reporting and the associated billing. Our focus is on high customer satisfaction, long-term client relationships, and repeat business.


CAI's staff augmentation model enables clients to optimize their operational needs with timely, skilled, and highly productive professionals. Our experienced personnel ensures that the process runs smoothly and efficiently. Our competitive cost models guarantee that we are aligned with current industry salaries and bill rates. Our goal is to meet your IT staffing needs in a cost effective, low risk, and flexible manner.

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