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Who We Are

The CAI Dallas office is committed to providing best practice IT services and solutions to public and commercial business throughout the state of Texas. For over 33 years, CAI has successfully grown as a company by delivering meaningful, measurable value to our clients. We provide managed service solutions that leverage methodologies and performance metrics to increase IT productivity by up to 30%. We have active contracts with over 100 Fortune 1000 commercial firms and state-level agencies in 29 states, including Texas.

Managed Service Provider

CAI's Managed Service Provider (MSP) IT Staff Augmentation programs provide clients with a strategic sourcing program that reduce costs, improves productivity and processes, increases competition for IT services suppliers, and promotes disadvantaged businesses. As the MSP, CAI is responsible for all service delivery activities including requisition consultation, supplier response management, candidate evaluation and validation, interview facilitation, invoice processing and supplier performance oversight.

Application Support Offering

CAI’s Application Support Offering (ASO) focuses on executing robust processes and management techniques that result in quality applications and, more importantly, reduced IT spend. Through field-proven processes, CAI continuously reduces risk, inefficiency, and costs from the IT application support effort, while at the same time driving up business user satisfaction and reducing time to market for new enhancements and upgrades.

Application Development

CAI has provided fixed-price Application Development for more than 30 years, leveraging industry best practices for software design, development, and long-term maintenance. We maintain technical and business partnerships with leading software vendors such as Microsoft, Oracle, and IBM. Because our team is technology-agnostic, we can apply best practices to software development on any platform, with a methodology scalable to the task at hand.

Service Desk

CAI believes that a strong, integrated Service Desk solution is a critical factor in bringing real value to your customers (both internal and external). Service Desk support is provided from our Innovation and Technology Center (ITC). Under one roof, CAI delivers the following services: Contact Center, Service Desk, Quality Assurance Software Testing, Software Application Maintenance, and Training. A benefit of delivering all of these services in one location is our ability to provide a built-in career path: Contact Center to Service Desk, Service Desk to Software Tester, and finally, Software Tester to Applications Support Analysts.

Quality Assurance

Vericenter is CAI’s Software Quality Assurance Testing Center of Excellence. Vericenter offers unmatched capabilities for enabling change organizations to be successful with complex integration and testing projects. By using a field-tested methodology framework for Quality Assurance, tailored to meet the needs of an organization's existing staff and processes, Vericenter quickly implements an effective and fully operational process to facilitate the transformation required for successful integration.

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