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CAI’s ERP Practice is focused on SAP, Oracle EBS, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards. CAI has been an SAP partner since 2006 and an Oracle partner since 2012. CAI’s primary focus is on supporting these ERP systems, which then allows our clients to allocate their IT resources to other business imperatives. We have a rich history of application support and an extensive network of partners for ‘on demand’ capacity. We offer both on-shore and right-shore staffing models to our clients. In addition, we have an extremely experienced staff that can provide other ERP services such as implementations, upgrades, and major enhancements.

The CAI Story and Why ERP

Computer Aid, Inc. (CAI) is a privately held world leader in IT Metrics and Productivity. At CAI, our business is focused on helping our clients gain a competitive advantage through the effective use of Information Technology. Over the last 30 years we’ve refined our Application Support tools and processes and have been able to consistently deliver savings and quality improvements for our clients. Our ERP Practice has integrated these proprietary processes into the ERP package methodologies we support; thus providing these same advantages to SAP, Oracle, PeopleSoft, and JD Edwards shops.

Today’s business leaders are asking their Information Technology groups to create business value using current technology such as social, mobile, and predictive analytics. Unfortunately, delivering today’s technology requires different skill sets than those required to implement ERP suites. You need to retool your IT team and address these issues, but also need to support the mission critical ERP system you’ve spent years implementing. CAI can help. We have 30+ years of application support knowledge that we’ve tightly integrated into the major ERP environments. We can support your ERP footprint while you focus on today’s business challenges!

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