IT Metrics and Productivity

The core of CAI’s business is the ability to drive productivity improvements in IT organizations via the implementation of tools and processes that provide visibility and control. These tools and processes are tightly integrated into our ERP practice but can also be leveraged in other aspects of your organization.


Productivity improvement and performance management requires detailed accurate reporting of all resources. CAI's proven methodologies, standard estimating techniques, and proprietary tools eliminate subjectivity and help customers make better IT decisions.


Defined processes and performance metrics allow CAI to increase the productivity of IT development and support functions by up to 30%. Increased productivity leads to reduced costs, higher levels of end-user satisfaction, and increased shareholder value.


CAI's field-proven methodologies, metrics, and tools improve management control of the IT function and provide the foundation for continuous process and quality improvement in all IT environments. CAI's methodologies were developed using standard industry approved models and enhanced overtime using a best practices approach. Commitment to process enables CAI to guarantee quality deliverables time after time.

CAI’s ERP Practice provides Consulting Services in the following areas:

  • Strategic Consulting
  • Assessments
  • Best Practices
  • Application Support, Application Development, and Project Management Tools

Strategic Consulting

CAI’s ERP Practice provides strategic and executive management consulting to aid our customers in achieving maximum value and aligning with business needs. We focus on business goals and value, versus features and functions. Our approach can be tailored to leverage capabilities that you have on staff, to contain costs and speed up the process. Our consultants bring experience from industry and from both the software and hardware markets. As your advisors we bring you the background of having sat at both sides of the table, both as a buyer and as a seller.

Our services include following:

  • IT / ERP Strategic Planning
  • IV&V
  • IT Architecture Planning and Analysis
  • ERP Advisory Services
  • IT Governance
  • Upgrade Management


CAI will tailor an assessment of your ERP environment based on the needs and objectives. Assessment Services may include:

  • ERP Application Support and Maintenance Improvements
  • ERP Application Support and Maintenance Outsourcing
  • ERP Upgrade Assessments
  • ERP Implementation Assessments
  • Independent Verification and Validation

Best Practices

In the area of ERP operations best practices, CAI’s focus is on maximizing value-added activity in an ERP environment. This is accomplished through increasing quality and service, while driving reductions in cost and response time.

CAI’s proprietary tools and methodologies allow customers to collect baselines, measure performance, report on performance and activities, continuously improve, and create value.

Application Support, Application Development, and Project Management Tools

CAI's Managed Maintenance Methodology and proprietary tool suite, Tracer, is designed to provide clients with a comprehensive package of process and systems expertise optimized to achieve superior application support quality and performance. We have also developed a project / program management suite of products and processes – API / APO – to aid customers through IT and Project Governance. This solution set aims to decrease risk through increasing visibility and communication.