An independent, not-for-profit organization conducting competitions for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships

Project Overview


An independent, not-for-profit organization conducting competitions for recognition and college undergraduate scholarships.

Systems Transfer Project: This was a very difficult and complex project to transfer the responsibilities for applications and infrastructure from another vendor who the customer had contracted with for for 38 years. The incumbent vendor had evolved to the point where they became the only IT organization, with no oversight or governance from the customer. CAI’s challenge was to accomplish the transfer of responsibility with minimal documentation, participation, and cooperation from the incumbent. In addition, major portions of the system were declared as proprietary and had to be reverse engineered and rewritten without incubment assistance. Systems/applications environment consisted of multiple AS/400’s, RPG, Linux, Java, PHP, SQL.

 Managed Maintenance Project: This engagement is to deliver a managed maintenance contract with team size of 8-15 consultants in Evanston, Illinois as well as Pittsburgh, PA for a period of three or more years. This contract includes CAI being responsible for application and infrastructure maintenance of the legacy systems as well as support of ad hoc requests and major enhancement projects. Environment consists of AS/400, Linux, Java, and RPG.

 Data Access Project: CAI was retained to provide data architecture as well as data analyst services for the customer to develop a replacement printing system that the incumbent vendor declared as proprietary and made it unavailable to the customer. The team consisted of a project leader, a data architect as well as several data analysts at its peak. The customer used the Adeptia Extract, Transform and Load (ETL) tool to convert the AS/400 data and Adeptia developed the architecture for the project. This is now currently being examined for effectiveness and CAI will continue providing data analysis and testing support to the project.

 Security Project: A small CAI team is responsible for developing and implementing application and system level security for both the AS/400 and Java environments at the customer’s location. We are currently at the initial stages of the project and as this develops will be responsible for implementation and training of staff.

 Accounting System Replacement: A CAI team of analysts is in the beginning stages of developing the criteria to evaluate and select a new accounting package for the customer. Currently, the JD Edwards accounting package is being used but this is judged to be inadequate given the advances in technology and the changes in business needs.

 General Staff Augmentation: CAI has provided the customer various short term resources for project support in the application development area as well as infrastructure. This has included variants of AS/400 RPG skills as well as Java, SQL, and Linux resources.


Since becoming engaged with this customer in 2009 and winning its first engagement in November of 2010, CAI has continued to provide a combination of Managed Maintenance, Staff Augmentation support, and consulting services to the client. As well, CAI is engaged in providing subject matter assistance to the future systems project, which is planning the replatforming and replacement of the current legacy enfvironment. The project is in its intial stages and involves several CAI data analysts as well as Sharepoint, .Net architect. Over the next several years CAI will be extensively involved in this project in the areas of data conversion, development and quality assurance and testing.