A multi brand restaurant operator with 2,000+ restaurants

Project Overview


A multi brand restaurant operator with 2,000+ restaurants.


A multi brand restaurant operator with 2,000+ restaurants has grown to become the world’s largest, full-service restaurant company. As a result of business demand for industry-changing technology implementations, the restaurant operator needed to supplement their internal team in support and development efforts for their Point of Sale (POS) system. POS is the primary revenue generating system and critical to every restaurant. It is complex with multi-brand processing and heavily integrated in to the rest of the environment.

Their challenge was to augment staff in a way that would not burden the in-house team with training time, yet still get the result of effective, productive technical staff in short period of time (60 days).


CAI provided high quality technical staff to supplement internal teams, along with our Application Knowledge Capture (AKC) process to establish a knowledge management repository and practice within the team. Our in depth screening process ensured the right technical and cultural fit.

We leveraged one of our knowledge management consultants to direct and lead the AKC process. The repository framework and documentation templates were provided by CAI. Required information was categorized and prioritized to build an onboarding and knowledge transition plan for the technical staff. Information was gathered via interviews, group sessions and code reviews. The client’s team was minimally impacted and able to meet their prior committed deliverables. The CAI team was working on assignments after day 30 and complete with their transition in 60 days, at which time they were given more complex assignments.

The client conducted proficiency reviews with the CAI technical staff to ensure their comprehension and the accuracy of the documentation which was used as reference material during these “open book” tests.


CAI was selected for this engagement for the following reasons:
 Our defined Application Knowledge Capture (AKC) process, a structured and planned approach to capturing, documenting, storing and updating necessary information on applications that can be used for support and development efforts.
 CAI’s hiring practices that include a thorough screening process, covering technical ability and best fit characteristics, resulting in highly qualified contractors
 Our managed services approach that provided additional CAI management oversight to plan and direct the onboarding and training process, freeing the restaurant operator’s staff and management time


Success measures for this engagement included:
 CAI’s ability to onboard staff quickly, producing code and adding value to the team
     – Prioritized transition activities completed on-time (2 weeks early)
     – Team passes all proficiency reviews
     – Repeatable process established for future onboarding in this team
 Team members need to be flexible, involved & demonstrate a team attitude
      -Client manager confirms “yes”
 CAI’s contribution to establishing useful documentation for the POS System
      -Internal client team members using AKC material to help with their assignments
 Solution must be scalable to help team flex up/down as needed based on demand
      -Repeatable process established for future onboarding in this team

CAI also provided additional process recommendations around the support and development of the POS system to help the client improve throughput of the team around this system, i.e. ways to get more work done with the same team.